Hear what our customers have to say about Rad Cat Raw

We recently converted our two Abyssinians over to raw using RAD Cat at the suggestion of others on a Abby Facebook page. We always knew our 10 year old female was a raw kitty and happily changed over, the 4 year old male took a little longer.  We are so happy with the change, we have noticed with the both of them have become more active and energetic, their coats are even more soft and glossy and the litter box has far fewer feces that it did before and the occasional vomiting from the female has vanished. Great product! We are very happy.


G.B., Aurora, CO




Thank you for making this food available. I believe it has been the biggest reason my kitty is doing so well 9 months after her small intestine lymphoma diagnosis. Her Chinese Medicine vet has voiced this same opinion.  We are all very happy.


- Kelly P., Beaverton, OR




The special article about Montezuma. . .


Wanted to share with you this - our local pet shop posted it on their blog...


Thank you again for changing our kitty's life!

Alexis & Mick B.



Greetings! I am guessing that you do not get many e-mails from veterinarians, but I just had to write to compliment you on your fabulous product. I have been a big believer in raw feeding for a number of years now, but the positive response that I have seen in my feline patients to your product has been phenomenal. I have seen conditions such as chronic GI disease and skin disease clear up almost overnight! Just wanted to say great job on your recipe, you nailed it for our feline friends!


Judy Jasek, DVM





It's the only one Buddy will eat other than homemade. Thanks to Rad Cat I don't have to  make my own and guess the amounts of supplements. Buddy is a tri-legged cat as he  was rescued with a badly damaged leg by our no kill shelter AFRP. His leg could not be saved. He also had colitis until I decided to go raw instead of the traditional antibiotics and canned food. He is now so healthy! And such a sweet boy.

                                     Toni C.


Over the past years WildCat Haven (www.WildCatHaven.org) has made some absolutely wonderful friends. Janice & Tracey of Rad Cat are two of those very special people. We first met when Caden, a cougar, was diagnosed with Feline Panleukopenia. We were frantic to get something for him to eat that he could keep down. Just by chance we heard about a new raw diet for cats and contacted Janice & Tracey. To this day, there is no question in our minds that Rad Cat saved Caden's life. He never threw up the food and because of that had a fighting chance. 


Now, years later, Caden is thriving and Janice & Tracey are still dear friends. Anytime we have a cat (wild or domestic) that isn't doing well, the girls generously donate food to see if that helps, and so often it makes all the difference. Currently we have two kitties, Cheetah, an Asian Leopard cat & Kitty Girl a domestic who haven't been doing well and now that we've changed their diet to Rad Cat Raw Diet, we have seen a huge improvement. Before they were throwing up or just not eating, but now they can't wait to be fed  We can't say enough good things about Rad Cat Raw Food, or Janice & Tracey! Check out their website 
(http://www.radfood.com/) and considering making a change to Rad Cat Raw Diet  Your kitties will thank you! Visit them on FB and LIKE them! Tell them Caden & WildCat Haven sent you  https://www.facebook.com/radcatrawfood


- Cheryl T.  (May, 2014)



I adopted two kittens last month. They're 6 months old now. They've had tummy parasites and have been on antibiotics ever since they were 9 weeks old. Poor girls! And one of them had unmentionably awful diarrhea.

Well, when my first (their fourth) round of antibiotics still wasn't working, and the vet suggested MORE, I put my foot down. We would beat this with nutrition instead. (A raw diet was my plan anyway.)

I saw a change in them after the very first meal! Their energy is up, they're more mischievous, their eyes are brighter, and best of all, no more diarrhea! Kitty had her first solid poop this morning in (as far as I know) her entire life! And it has only been 6 DAYS since we started going raw, only 1 DAY since their first 100% raw meal. Wow.

Nature is truly miraculous. Rad Cat is miraculous too! I shop at Big Dog Little Dog Bakery on Denman St in Vancouver BC, and they carry Rad Cat, and as long as they continue to do so then I will shop there exclusively for the rest of my kitties' lives!


- Wendy



Started your food 4 days ago. Been dealing with my cat with IBD for about 6 years. Tried a lot of no grain canned - some worked for a while - then back to explosive poops. My cat has loved your turkey from the start - eats it hunched over like she's eating prey ( her experience with that is the occasional Hummingbird). First day no change. Second day, poops less odifirous. Day 3 good shape and size to bowel movement. Day 4 same and she just seems more relaxed and her guts are quiet as a church mouse - she also now sleeps thru the night and doesn't bolt up to get to the kitty litter - which she often could't make.


Using an older version of your product with bone meal, think you have changed to egg shell from bone meal - hope when we have to go to that, that it doesn't bring up my cats intolerance to chicken. I guess cats do eat egg shells occassionally in the wild- guess you thought about that before you changed the ingredients. Many thanks - you have changed my cat, and my family's life. Thank you, thank you!!


-Linda B.



Feeding my one cat LAMB Rad Cat stopped her coughing, sneezing, runny/congested nose. Thank you for making it & I hope you keep selling it or I dont' know what we will do other than keep her on plant sterols. She does better on RC than Stella & Chewy's, both great products, but I suspect food allergy to pumpkin seeds.


I will try TURKEY with my 2nd cat who is has bad asthma & we have 2 inhalers standing by for her. I will see if she does better on RC than S&Cs too.

- Leah



My cats Whisper and Blackberry were very sick from the day I brought them home from the shelter. After more than a year of countless visits to my internal medicine specialist vet, many diagnostic tests, and trials with many other foods and medications, I switched them to RadCat (and they continue to take some of the medications). Quite quickly with RadCat they were able to maintain their weight and even gain to a healthy weight, and most of their GI issues were (and remain) substantially improved. They are not perfectly healthy, but I feel that RadCat brought a great improvement for their health and their quality of life.


Jenn H., 4/2014


I wanted to let you know how wonderful I think your product is. We have a 5-year-old Abyssinian kitty who was having some allergic reactions to Primal, her previous raw diet. She also didn't seem to find it very palatable, and we felt torn over not wanting to compromise her happiness and health with food she didn't like vs. cat junk food with by-products and grains.


We tried Rad Cat and her allergies and stomach troubles have completely gone away. She has the most beautiful, healthy fur and it's easy to maintain her high energy levels and lean build.


I read more about your company as an afterthought and am so grateful for this brand. (And also the fact that it comes from a small business run by conscientious animal lovers!) We have asked our local pet store to start carrying Rad Cat and it has really changed our kitty's health and well being!


- Heidi G.



I love Rad Cat! I have been buying Rad Cat 3 or 4 years now. My Cat Grayson was throwing up all the time, I was feeding him a high end dry food, I knew I had to help him, I did all the research that I could and figured out that a raw diet for him. Thank you for what you do, my Grayson more than thrives. He is now 7 years old and as healthy as can be! I purchase your product in a locally owned store (20 mins away) called H3 Pets. I believe your product is the best!. Thank you so much


- Debbie D.



 Hello my name is Sarina and I just wanted to take the time to send you guys a big THANK YOU! My cat Jenna is my baby, and when she was diagnosed with IBD a few years ago, I started to try every possible regimen to help stop her constant vomiting. Granted I was only listening to my Vet at the time. Well about a year and a half ago I noticed Jenna was losing weight over a period of months and then by beginning 2013 she developed frequent diarrhea and then altogether quit eating. I took her back to the vet and he suggested I switch to canned science diet food. She liked it for a bit but then wouldn't eat anymore. One Sunday she was so sick and lethargic, I thought I was going to lose her. Upset out of my mind, I started searching on the internet about cats with her condition and came across people switching their cats to raw diets. I then researched some more and came to the conscious conclusion to give it a try with Jenna.


After researching different raw food brands, I decided I wanted to make the full blown switch to pure raw meats, strictly designed towards cats. Which brought me to Rad Cat. I then contacted the local pet stores that carried the food and bought a tub to start with. I brought it home, let it thaw, and then put a small bowl of it in front of Jenna. She sniffed it, tried a little bite, and then completely devoured the bowl. From that point on I've been feeding her Rad Cat. She has since put all her weight back on, runs around the house like she's two again, and never lets you forget when it's time for her to eat. I also incorporate a small pinch of a probiotic into her dinner time feeding as well because the vomiting hadn't completely gone away and I was giving her pepcid to help but after giving the probiotic, she vomits hairballs mostly (she's long haired) and rarely throws up the white liquid foam. Rad Cat has been a life saver for Jenna and I. She's going to be 14 this summer and I hope to have many more years with her. I can't imagine my life without her. So thank you again for creating such a wonderful food product for cats!!!


- Sarina C



Our fifteen year old cat had the first normal bowel movement of her entire life after we switched her to Rad Cat.  Years of medications and vet visits could not do what one week of Rad Cat did.  Amazing!


- R.S., Atlanta, GA




I starting feeding my 14 year old male kitty with IBD Rad Cat 2 months ago.  He was down to 5 lbs and lethargic.  He is now up to a little over 8lbs and enjoys playing again.  He is like a kitten.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful product.  You saved my little ones life.

- Teri, Austin, TX