Rad Cat Raw Diet For Cats

We are a small, family owned and operated, pet food manufacturing company located in beautiful Portland, Oregon. We specialize in healthy, natural diets for cats. It is our goal to provide the felines of the world with a variety of delicious, nutritionally balanced foods that are convenient and affordable, using only the highest quality ingredients available.

Our Story

Juno, spokeskitty and original Rad Cat.  We started because of her!
Juno, spokeskitty and original Rad Cat. We started because of her!
This is our "spokes-kitty" Juno, and she has been the driving force behind the development of Rad Cat Raw Diet. As a kitten, she developed very serious digestive problems. Our holistic veterinarian ran tests for parasites, which were all negative. Our vet had seen this many times before and told us that allergies to grains are a very common problem that often presented with the same symptoms that we were seeing with Juno. She suggested a raw food diet that was, of course, grain free.

We noticed that most raw foods on the market contained both grains and vegetables, so we immediately began to gather articles, read books, and do as much research as we could in a short period of time. We needed to create our own diet that contained no grains, while still offering complete nutrition. Through our research, laboratory testing, and some experimentation we finally succeeded!

After changing to a raw diet, Juno's problems immediately subsided. There were three other cats in the household, so all four began a raw diet together. After the transition, we observed the most amazing results: our overweight kitty became a healthy size and now runs, plays, and hunts, our runny-faced kitty with allergies stopped sneezing and her eyes stopped running, and Juno's litter-mate became a shiny, soft picture of health. All of their coats became softer, they shed less, and the litter-box smell was dramatically reduced. The older cats even started to play with the kittens.

Soon, friends and family wanted to try our food for their cats and we started to make very large quantities to keep up with the demand. Eventually, there was so much interest and such wonderful stories coming to us about how our food has changed so many cat's lives, that we decided to share our food with as many cats (and people) as possible.

The Founders

Tracey Hatch-Rizzi is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist with a Masters degree in Oriental Medicine. Her background includes years of nutritional, science, and medical studies. Janice Hatch-Rizzi is a Certified Management Accountant and Software Developer, with a background in the Natural Foods industry. Together, we decided to start a company where we could offer this amazing food to other health conscious people who want to feed their cats like the carnivores they are.

Our food, mission, and philosophy have remained unchanged from the beginnings in our own home kitchen, through the formation of our company, to today where we manufacture our food in our own production facility with a staff of great people who care about the product they are making.

We are honored to share our products with our feline familiars and wish every cat and dog a long, happy, and healthy life.



                                                   Iris June, original Rad Cat, at 17 yrs., 1990-2010 RIP my love