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cat (kat) n. -a domesticated carnivore

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Where Does Rad Cat Source Their Meat?

It is important to us that all of the meats we use come from farms that practice sustainable agriculture. All of our meats are US sourced (west coast, actually), are certified organic or free-range or pasture-raised, USDA inspected, and are hormone and antibiotic free. All meats we use are the very same cuts that are found in fine supermarkets. On our label, we list the actual cuts of meat we use.


It has always been our goal to produce our products with only certified organic ingredients.  We are proud to say that the chicken we use in our products is certified organic and sourced from the west coast!  Our lamb is made from Oregon pasture-raised lamb, raised completely on pasture, and never fed grain.  Our free-range turkey is all free-range.