October 15, 2018


To all of our wonderful customers, pet parents and dearest kitties,


All of us here at Rad Cat are deeply saddened to announce we have had to make a decision to stop production and close our company.  We tried very hard over the past several weeks to find a solution, but were unsuccessful.  If you would like to help, please see the 'Update' note at the bottom of this post.


As many know, we have recently had a very large recall, on the heels of another recall.  The expenses of these events, along with slow reimbursement from insurance, and some distributors who, collectively, over the last few months have withheld hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments, have made it economically impossible for us to continue...for that we are very sorry and we promise we tried our best.


Some rumors have begun that the FDA shut us down and that is a complete fabrication.  We had one of the cleanest facilities and our inspectors and third party auditors complimented us on this during every visit (including the FDA, USDA and Oregon Department of Agriculture). We have never had a sanitation violation in any of our facilities, ever, including from recent visits from the FDA.  Our shut down was pure economics – cash not coming in fast enough.  It’s simply fallout from having to recall 340 lots of food in August.  And, from money being withheld from insurance and from us having to fight for payments from some distributors. 


Janice and I and many of our devoted employees have poured our lives and souls into this business.  Janice and I have invested our hearts, mortgaged our home and worked 14 hour days, worked months straight with no days off, and tried with all our might to make the best cat food, with integrity, honesty and transparency.  We made a food that we believe in that was wholesome, healthy and full of nutrition.  And it saved lives, which we are thankful for and humbled by.


Although it has been a record sales year, our losses mounted very quickly, and we could no longer keep our facility open and produce our wonderful food. 


We could not be more heartbroken to give everyone this news. After 14 years of making our beloved products and saving thousands of lives, we do not have words for how devastating it is for us to be looking at interrupting production and closing our company.  Especially when, even last month, sales were at record levels, as they have been for most of the year.  Cash flow is king and we were hit by mounting expenses and money not coming in fast enough or being intentionally withheld from our largest distributor.


We’ve had a great crew of people and we made every endeavour to have our production folks make top pay in Portland, with full, employer-paid benefits.  It hurts to have had to let all of them go.  Some of our dedicated peeps were with us for over 8 years.


We know that this event will be shocking to everyone and we are hopeful that we can, in a short time, find a like-minded investor to partner with.  We have no doubt that is on the near horizon, but until then I hope everyone will find another food their kitties will love.  We know there is nothing like our food and we feel this loss deeply – for ourselves and for the kitties that may struggle to find something else.  We will do our best to find our way back with investment or partnership with other like-minded people (if you’re an investor, call us!  Would you like to pick up the torch?  Call us!). 


Until then, we highly recommend making your own food. As other manufacturers use mechanically separated meat, the closest you will find to our products is to purchase whole meats yourselves and make your own food.  That was one of the reasons our food was so palatable – ground whole muscle and organs – not mechanically separated meat and gizzards. There are some good recipes out there – one that seems good is on www.Feline-nutrition.org.  Or use a premix like the one our friends at www.foodfurlife.com make.  There’s also Instincts TC and Better in the Raw for Cats. There are resources online to order exotic and hypoallergenic meats like venison, lamb, rabbit and goat, with organ meat available, as well.  Making your own cat food seems daunting, but it’s really not so bad.  In a few hours, your kitties can have wholesome meals, made at home, with love – it’s actually very rewarding.  Janice and I will be back to doing this for our kitties again in our home kitchen, which is where this all started. 


I know we will have many calls and emails, so if we have a hard time responding quickly, we apologize for that.  We will do our best to respond to everyone as fast as we can.


For the full story regarding the recalls and the FDA and the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s blatant abuse of the sample that triggered this last recall in August, please read my blog post “Temperature abuse of raw food samples used for regulatory action is condoned by regulatory agencies and the FDA”.  We are not the only raw food company that has been targeted by these agencies. In the coming months, you will hear more – we are just the first to be put in this situation (hopefully we’ll be the only ones) and now we will share the whole story behind why Rad Cat had to shut down.  Please read my blog post “The Rad Cat FDA Experience” for more on the FDA.


We can’t say how sorry we are or apologize enough.  Shutting down was not our choice, but we were out of options.  This is a monumental tragedy for us, for you, your kitties and for the industry as a whole, and we will very deeply miss coming to work every day with the goal of saving lives and promoting health for the kitties of the world.  We have had the honor of working with the best people we could have ever wanted to help us run this company.  Our employees have always been people of high integrity and we couldn’t have asked for better peeps.


It’s been an honor to provide one of the best products on the market and to help as many kitties and their families as we have. It is our goal for this time to simply be a ‘pause’ in production and to come back just as strong (or stronger!) and more diversified.  


This is not intended as a ‘goodbye’ because we will be around!  But, as always, we wish everyone long, happy and healthy lives and please, keep feeding your felines like the carnivores they are.


With much love and gratitude,


Tracey and Janice

Co-Founders of Rad Cat Raw Diet